I am His Bride

You, yes you. The one who can’t wait to find the man God took a rib from to construct you. The girl who justifies downloading Tinder over and over because “Maybe God put him on there for me to find”. I’m so not judging I’ve been there. But why are you searching so hard? I know we live in a right now world where it feels like if we aren’t moving as fast as the person across from us, we must not be on the right stepping stone God set out for us but do you ever look up instead of looking forward? That was me, and if it sounds anything like you, this ones for you. . .

Today I was staring at my engagement ring in the sunlight marveling at how beautiful it twinkles. If you were to ask me right now when our wedding will be, I couldn’t give you an answer. I’m not the best planner out there. I wasn’t the eighth grade girl you caught looking through bridal magazines and picking out dresses, in fact, if you would’ve asked me in eighth grade I most likely would’ve told you I had no interest in getting married. I was the obnoxious feminist who played the “Independent woman who don’t need no man” card.

But then there was high school, and trust me if you’re anything like the girl I listed at the top.. I was probably more like you then you could ever know. I threw myself at any guy who looked my way because how was I supposed to know what my soul mate looked like?Better to strike out than to never play the game at all right? Let me ask you a single question, and take a couple minutes to let this soak in. When you spent all that time searching for your “Mr.Right” did you spend as much time searching for your Lord? I wish I could bite my tongue here but I’m going to say your answers probably the same as mine. You left God on the benches while you were up at bat and chances are you’ll probably keep striking out until you decide to put him first.

In Ephesians 5, Paul says that marriage is a “mystery” and AMEN do I agree. But he goes on to explain that the actual mystery isn’t between a man and woman but of Christ and the church. I am currently reading a bible study with my fiancée by Francis and Lisa Chan called You and Me Forever. In one of the chapters he says this, and I can’t get over how beautiful it is,

“We are the bride of Christ now, but the Bible also describes us as waiting with anticipation for the “marriage of the Lamb.” Think of how much time, money, and effort goes into our wedding ceremonies. But THIS is the marriage that Scripture emphasizes, so this should be the marriage that we are obsessed with.”

SEE girl, you ARE a bride. You are God’s bride! He took away all of your ugliness and sin. So please stop focusing on what guy is going to say “Wow” when you walk down the aisle one day and realize that God has been saying that about you ever since he made you. And yes… even those days when you don’t change out of your pajamas and finish that pint of ice cream for breakfast. Pursue him and let your cup overflow. Let it be a shadow of the greatness that will come, when God allows it.

peace and blessings XOXO


2 thoughts on “I am His Bride

  1. Ally- I just want you to know how greatly inspiring you are. It is fascinating to see your growth and courage blossoming from the Lord. I am so proud of you!

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