All in His Timing

When my boyfriend introduced me to his family, I was already nervous. You know, those jitters you get. It was almost worst than my first date with my boyfriend if were being honest here. What do I say? Will they like me? How do I try to be less awkward? But of course, all was well and my worrying mind took a backseat during our brunch after church. That was until,
they asked my least favorite question. “Are you in school?”

I get it. I do. I’m almost 21 years old, most people my age are on their fast track to a degree and a nice salaried job. I respond with no, I’m not in school. I tell them I’m a manager at a retail clothing store full time and I really like it. I almost feel like I have to over sell it as to make up for the fact that I didn’t further my education like my peers.

I wish this conversation was a one time thing, but truth be told, it happens every time I meet someone new.

It’s been about a month since I’ve met his parents and I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to school. Being the kind of person that can’t make a decision without talking it out with someone, I sat down to discuss it with my boyfriend. Don’t laugh… but this is how I worded it..

“So if I decided to go back to school you wouldn’t dump me right?”

LOL. Laughing at myself SO hard right now. I think I caught him off guard. I followed up my ridiculous question with, “Don’t you feel like you’d be more proud of me if you could tell your parents I had a degree.” The boy didn’t even pause or flinch when I tell you he said, “Would going back to school make you happy?”

“Well yeah.. I think so..” That was the best answer I could come up with. He followed with, “Then go to school. I’m proud of you either way. I love you for you, not any of that. I will support you in whatever makes you happy.”

It made me realize how much emphasis this world puts on timing. You have to go to college after high school so you have a good job. You have to get married around 23 so you have time to have kids at a young age and still be a good mom. You have to have a great salaried job by the time you’re 25 or you will never go anywhere. But here I am.

I did not go to college after high school. But I did get out of a very toxic relationship. I didn’t move into a dorm. But I did move out on my own into an apartment. I did not go to party after party at frat houses. But I did pay off my car. I did not rush and join a sorority. But I do work full time and pay my bills. I am learning to be proud of myself and the timing God has put on my heart because sometimes even getting out of bed to go to the grocery store is an accomplishment.

I will continue to live my life day to day doing what gives me the most happiness and fulfillment. Whether it fits inside society’s timeline or not. I am surrounding myself with people who love me. And I am taking this life one step at a time…




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